dimecres, 21 de novembre de 2007

Transformation 14: A stupid poem

Per Xurri

Walking down the lane
Two men, one with a cane.

Looking severe, they meet
Over the sound of their feet.

Words can barely be heard
When, fingering his beard,

and thinking loud, one says:
-looking far, his eyes away-

“As soon as you start to breath,
You know all about your death.

No doubt, this is why
Sweet babies want to cry”

The thin turns round in grieve
Saying he cannot believe,

The tall one stops again
And his theory explains:

“It is death, what’s to be dread,
its smell all over spread.

Babies know this, thus they scare
when they feel it in the air”·

“But this is just for a while
They get used, and then, smile.”

16 comentaris:

violette ha dit...

Goood!! I l'has fet rimar, fins al final! Ets la "ama"...
Felicitats! Molt bo, de debó.

Anònim ha dit...

Kebab and curry
free for our Xurri:
it was great fun
reading the pun.
(I lost my purse:
I'll pay in verse.)

xurri ha dit...

thanks, violette - but you are the great one!
(great, anonimous, love it!!)

Júlia ha dit...

Felicitats, no sé anglès però intueixo que està molt bé!!!

barbollaire ha dit...

Nice work!

Xurri ha dit...

glad you like it :)

(anònim, encara al.lucino amb els versos que has deixat... els trobo divertidíssims)

Anònim ha dit...

I must admit I just had luck,
for your nickname's a nut to crack!
But I grew up at Dr. Seuss':
I know how language can seduce.


Arare ha dit...

I don't know, I'm sorry...

El de l'Anonim és genial! aquest si que l'he entès (i el teu, Xurri, d'aquí a poc, d'aquí a poc, que les classes donen pel que donen i prou i encara estem amb el Passt Simple)

Xurri ha dit...

I give up to your charm
I guess it will not harm
You seduced me, and I fell
to the whisper of your spell

(curling down to make a nest
words can certainly conquest)


(petonets, arare!!)

Anònim ha dit...

But where's that spell?
In th'outer shell:
I love your words
soulless like birds...
What's the great lure?
Just language pure!

(Though a tiny split
fights to emerge?
I must admit
I'm on the verge,
I'm near the pit
of unknown zest
about that nest...)

darabuc ha dit...

No sé si és transformació o mutació que repta i serpeja pels comentaris... M'agraden especialment els versos del niu ("curling down...").

Xurri ha dit...

You say you’r on the edge
hidden behind the hedge
using your words in pledge
secured by no-name wedge.

What then, should I play
nesting words for a whole year
keeping it from decay
before your name appear?

‘cause it looks like stop
Is something I just cannot…

(transformació, mutació, ramificació... epifitisme?)

Anònim ha dit...

Then I will go back
to the silence track,
the hidden history
of a reader's mistery.
May my last word be only Adieu;
but for your words truly I thank you.

Xurri ha dit...

Can’t avoid some disapointment
For the end of my enjoyment
The play was fun, this I can tell
But every start leads to an end
The two guys had told us so
Now, as I do, yo say you go.
Bye bye, bye bye, I say gooodbye
Hope that someday you will drop by.

I gràcies, m'ho he passat pipa!!

Sani Girona Roig ha dit...

Wow, dear!
Yours it's rather "A wonderful poem "...

I didn't know you alsowere so good at that
Rhyme after rhyme I couldn't help but falling (i.l.)extasiat
Your rhymes are pure diamonds of bondat
I know now that you "vales mucho nena", una immensitat ...
That those who listen to your poems won't get no ambigüitat
This is why we'd appreciate, some sort of retrat
That could alleviate our dreaming of meeting you aviat ...
I'm more than sure that everybody in this blog ha quedat astorat
Discovering in this brand new SuperXurri, a big treasure amagat

Time to finish .. Ok. Right.
But it's so great that això encara no s'ha acabat...
It's to be continued asap, be sigui demà o demà passat
But..another time, avisa, 'cause nobody was ready to sustain such a big good cop amagat!
After reading your verses we feel far more than happy...
No less, we feel afortunats!

Mua.Mua.Mua. Te'ls has ben guanyats !!!!!!!

Xurri ha dit...

Ejem, sani, embarrased I feel:
Just a stupid poem, don’t think que és més
Sembla quite a lot, but look quitely després
Ja t’ho dic jo,it is not such a deal

Finding rhymes és cosa de trick
Nothing especial, creume, just chance
És fàcil to write, a dictionnaire dance
You pull the list, llegeiges, and pick.

En qualsevol cas thanks a lot
I feel honoured per what you thought.